Create a Narrative

plural noun: narratives
  1. the art, technique, or process of telling a story;
  2. a representation of a story in such a way as to reflect or conform to an overarching set of aims or values
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D1gital crush

Big Chungo
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3rd place
Buckets PMV


Most technically advanced
Deep Blue


Most creative theme


Best newcummer

Top 10 and honorable mentions

  1. 1. D1gital Crush by Big Chungo
  2. 2. MINDCONTROL by Source_Girl
  4. 4. follow the vibe by xfeeefeee
  5. 5. i'm the one to beat by s0n0shee
  6. 6. Choose Sex by Nuvibes
  7. 7. Diffusion Orgasms by YanaPMVs
  8. 8. Get High w ur GF by PixelJail
  9. 9. Buckets PMV by Editstar
  10. 10. Sexy Back by Project Epsilon

Special award winners:

  • Most creative theme: Deep Blue by MMPMV
  • Most technically advanced: Buckets PMV by Editstar
  • Best newcomer: MINDCONTROL by Source_Girl

Entries that were highly ranked by individual judges but did not make the top 10:

  • SIMP by MangoHypnos
  • Voyeuristic Tendencies by theyspellitpmv
  • Tipping Over The Edge by EnivrantPMV
  • Jinx always want more by Twenty_Dice
  • Cock hero try on by WeaselOne
  • Slut Noir by Neweyecam
  • Playground by FriendlyJames
  • The Ultimate TikTok Thot to Porn Star PMV by stricken0

The theme

more than just a story

A narrative is more than just a story. It's a captivating and engaging way of conveying a message through visual means. A good narrative can transport the viewer into another world and make them feel a part of the story. It can give them a new perspective, teach them something new or even change their opinion on something entirely.

In this year's Games, we challenge you to showcase your skills by creating a narrative that is both entertaining and impactful. Whether it's an exciting adventure, a thought-provoking essay, a "day in the life of" vlog/documentary, or a piece of (positive) propaganda, the possibilities are endless. Your goal is to craft a story that not only captures the audience's attention but also effectively communicates your intended message.

Basically, anything that tells a tale, focuses around some sort of story/viewpoint/angle, or has an anecdotal direction of some kind. No matter how outlandish - creativity is highly encouraged!


minimum requirements

  • Runtime under six minutes.
  • All performers in your edit must be credited, either during or after the video.
  • Resolution: 1080p or higher.
  • World PMV Games 2023 must appear in your video title.
  • One entry per person
  • Must be new and original. No rehashes/remixes of a previous work.
  • Submit before May 13th 11:59PM PST (UTC-8).
  • All performers in your video must be 18 years or older.

Judging is based on the following criteria:

  • Beat sync: How the visuals and beats (music) combine and align
  • Audio Levels/mixing: Sound quality of both music, porntrack and any other audio elements
  • Visual flow: The quality and elements of the PMV from an purely ocular standpoint
  • Creativity of Theme: How creative the theme(s) and presentation of them are
  • XXX Factor: That level indescribable feeling we all get when watching a well put together PMV, regardless of the content it focuses on. Stated differently: The ease to which any person could fap to the PMV
More info

when and how?

When will the event take place?

Every year on the 13th of May.

Who can participate?


How will the winner be determined?

There will be an panel of judges using the same criteria for each video. There will also be a public poll, which will count as one judge vote.

How long will the evaluation process last?

2 weeks, starting after the 13th of May.

What can I win?

Besides the normal ranking decided by the judges and public vote, we will have the following awards:

  • Most creative theme
  • Most technically advanced
  • Best newcummer
  • + more bonus awards to be announced!

You will be able to win one of the following prizes:

  • A Handy (Only for 1st Place Winner, Most Creative Theme and Most Technically Advanced)
  • For the 1st Place Winner, a custom digital trophy and a sticky post on the Subreddit for a month
  • The top 3 + special award winners will get their video hosted on this website indefinitely.

Requirements for winning a prize

To be able to win one of the prizes, please follow the rules mentioned above and include the title card below at the start of your video:

Ready to Join?

Send in your entry before May 13th, 11:59PM PST (UTC-8). Please include your editor name in the filename. Good luck!

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