Every year, video editors from all over the world come together during the World PMV Games to create art by combining porn and music. The result is a collection of Porn Music Videos. Will you create the hottest, weirdest or most creative PMV this year?

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About the Games

what are the
World PMV Games?

The World PMV Games is the largest and most participated in Porn Music Video competition in the world. It takes places every year on May 13th, and features several dozen editors pitted against each other focusing on one common theme.

It was originally founded in 2015 as two seperate competitions: The World PMV Championships + The PMV Games, by DeepSlutPuppy and Gemcutter respectively. It was later merged by Skerrako, and it has since become a highly competitive and anticipated event.

The Core tenants of the World PMV Games

  • Creativity of Theme: How creative the theme(s) and presentation of them are.
  • Beat sync: How the visuals and beats (music) combine and align.
  • Audio Levels/mixing: Sound quality of both music, porntrack and any other audio elements
  • Visual flow: The quality and elements of the PMV from an purely ocular standpoint.
  • XXX Factor: Since we are dealing with porn here, this reflects that level indescribable feeling we all get when watching a well put together PMV, regardless of the content it focuses on.
Our values

a movement unlike any other

Our mission is to advance the artform and visibility of PMVs, and provide a platform for any creator - beginner or expirienced - to showcase their work on an even playing field. The winners of the PMV Games are chosen by both public vote and a panel of Judges, as well as a number of specific awards (ie: Best Technical Prowess & Best Newcummer)

creativity first, competitiveness second

We believe everyone should be able to enter the World PMV games, regardless of their level of experience or technical expertise. This is one of the reasons every World PMV Games season has a number of specific awards, aimed to incite editors to think outside the box and let their creativity go wild. The growth of, and interaction within the PMV creator community is a key aspect of the World PMV Games, and one we will never underestimate.

transformative by nature

The goal of a PMV is to transform the source material into something entirely new, for the purpose of creating art, entertainment or comedy. This is not just affected by the choice of source material, but also by the choice of music, pacing and visual effects. Since we do believe this is fair use of the source material, we do not give out monetary prizes for the winners.

sex-worker positive

We deem it respectful to give credit where credit is due, and - starting 2023 - require all PMV creators to credit any performers appearing in their submission. Unless an editor can provide their own original content, most editors will rely on content produced by porn studios or independent creators. The World PMV Games are a great opportunity to expose new viewers to these performers, where they otherwise might not have been.

Frequently asked questions

what is a porn music video?

A porn music video, in its simplest sense, is a music video made with or containing porn. Though music videos containing nudity are nothing new, and have been around since the 70s, the term PMV often refers to an unofficial fan-made edit. Many PMVs are themed around a specific niche, fetish or pornstar, or combine porn with social media content in a split-screen format.

is using other people’s content ethical?

We believe the use of pre-produced porn clips in PMVs is comparable to sampling in music. The goal is never to make a profit off of someone else's content, but to create something completely new, by utilizing music, synchronizing the action to the beat, changing up the pacing and applying visual effects. This is recognized by many studios and creators, and the commission of custom PMVs by a studio or creator is not uncommon. We do not condone piracy or redistribution of pirated content.

how do I start making PMVs?

You can start making PMVs by downloading a video editor of your choice (for example Da Vinci Resolve, which is free) and following YouTube tutorials to get to know the software. Gather your favorite clips, select a song you like and get started! For more tips, resources and feedback, make sure to join our Discord server.